New UFO Shape Around Base Floating Anti gravity Magnetic Levitation Globe with LED

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New UFO shape Magnetic levitation globe using current magnetic effect makes the globe float in midair. 
At the bottom of Globe there is a magnet, a coil of wire inside the bottom of circular plastic box, metal coil by current will become electromagnet. 
The suction between electromagnet and the globe bottom magnet can be offset by the gravity of the globe, so the globe can float in midair. 
Touch globe gently to deviate from the equilibrium position, the globe will return to the balance position and will not drop without hand 
New Rotating Magnetic Levitation Floating 5.5" Globe Map with LED Around Base
The SiB7 levitating globe is a great piece for your home or office that features a globe that floats on top of a surface using a newly discovered alien technology called magnets. 
Hovering just an inch off the mirror surface, the globe will rotate by itself, you can give it a spin yourself, or even simulate the death and destruction of everyone on earth by giving it the spin of death. 
The rotating floating globe measures 6 inches in diameter, comes with a mirror base with a 12v power supply to help it rotate, and features satellite imagery straight from NASA. 
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Unique levitating world globe was developed with the latest Levitation Anti Gravity technology, clearly showing  a breakthrough in the art of magnetic levitation.
Observe Earth levitate in space - only touching air!
Stylish, electromagnetic base uses minimal power to create Real Levitation with continuous rotations of the globe. 
Suspended in mid-air, this globe defies gravity - inspiring wonder and amazement. 
Levitating world globe is made with museum quality design and futuristic effect in mind. 
Includes floating world globe, chrome base and adapter.
Automatic magnetic floating globe, convenience Educational in your office, home, or classroom. 
Pass your hand above, below and around the sphere as it continues touching only air! 
Globe levitates with electromagnetic technology, levitates in mid air! 
Museum quality design with a futuristic effect. 
Beautiful chrome base 
This product are composed of floating globe and mirror base. 
Great gift for your customer or business mate or friends
Geopolitical Earth Globe
Globe floating in the air
Use electromagnet and hidden sensor to enable the globe to levitate motionlessly in the air
Perfect combination of technology and art
Automatically return to the center when slightly moved from equilibrium position
Offer tons of fun and knowledge
Great for home and office decor
Stabilization, no dropping 
Fancy appearance, beautiful and high-end
Quality guarantee, perfect
Clear & bright-color
For the show, to show your products and make them attractive
As a gift fr family, friends, etc.
For wedding decoration
For office, to keep you excitement
As art ware
item name: magnetic levitation globe
material: ABS+ oil injection
LED light: internal light and around light
base: UFO shape
diameter of globe: 5.5 inch
Globe colors: golden, Black, blue, etc.
Base Size:18 x 3.5 cm
Base Color: White or Black (Optional)
Base weight: 1000g
suspension distance: 10-20mm
use for: gift, wedding, office, art ware
input: 100-240VAC
output: 12VDC 1500mA
power: less than 3w
length of cable: 1m
Package Includes:
1 x Globe
1 x Base
1 x AC Power Charger (US Plug)