inskam W400-E 2MP IP67 Waterproof 7.9mm 10m Semi Rigid full HD Video Endoscope for ios and OTG Android

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W400-E Endoscope Inspection Camera with Light, Single Lens Borescope Snake Camera with 8 LED Lights, 7.9mm IP67 Waterproof Semi Rigid Cable for Android, iPhone
10 Meter with 7.9mm diameter Endoscope Waterproof Flexible Snake eye Inspection Camera with LED Lighting
his Anesok® 1080P Iphone Portable Endoscope have 1920*1080 resolution HD image and video, you can view the inspection place very clearly. Iphone portable endoscope with lightning connector can be directly connected to the phone. No need one adapter to connect to an Android phone to use. Iphone portable endoscope don’t has built-in battery, and the mobile phone can be used directly. No need to charge the device and no need to worry about the product breaking down after the battery is broken. The product uses the original Apple chip and with good quality.
This endoscopy is a true plug-and-play driver installed, convenient detection equipment and a camera Head
A new electronic detection product, which can capture the image, to the computer in real time video and photo, storage, printing or upload to the internet.
The inspection Camera makes use of optoelectronic technology to investigate hard-to-reach area.
The main advantages are small in size & the diameter is only 7.9mm with high resolution imaging,
waterproof camera and hose length of 10m.
This USB Endoscope is a portable, handheld video endoscope system with a flexible insertion tube.
It can easily be operated by plugging directly into your computer.
The high resolution camera provides good video quality and with adjustable LED lights on the tip, you can see clearly in dark area.
The camera head and cable are water resistant which makes it possible to work in multiple environments.
You can also capture pictures or record videos through your computer or laptop easily with the bundled software.
Capture snapshot image or video in VGA format with 1920*1440 resolution.
It has built-in LED light (with Brightness Control) on camera head to illuminate the inspection area.
The flexible camera is waterproof so that you can inspect area under water, gaps and holes.
Widely used in waterproof miniature monitor, motor Vehicle Inspection endoscope, sewer detectors, security and search, rescue seeker, lane reconnaissance, Customs monitor, archaeological material detectors, industrial circuit board video detector, as well as major areas of home health care, aerospace, automobile and shipbuilding, drilling oil, metallurgy boilers, construction and municipal
Latest USB Endoscope for iphone and Android phones, can take Photo, video and Sound recording, and the photos & video file will directly stored in your Android mobile phone, the whole process of record check, convenient observation and follow-up analysis.
It has a turning wheel used for adjusting the brightness of 8 LED lights so that work in some areas without enough light.
It is IP67 Waterproof Camera with a Micro USB to USB line, It can also be used on computers.
Ideal for intraoral camera system, underwater camera, waterproof Micro-cameras, motor vehicle detector, sewer pipeline detector.
Best for search and rescue, criminal and custom detector, archaeological detect, the PCB detection, home care, aviation and space industries.
For care and tractors industries, petroleum drilling industries, constructions and so on.
Featuring a 7.9mm integrated probe with an innovative design, the HD camera and Wi-Fi seamlessly merge within this probe's durable structure, resulting in a compact, portable solution.
Enjoy stable Wi-Fi image transmission powered by an advanced chip, offering a 20FPS/s transfer rate on the 2.4GHz frequency; simply download the app on your phone for real-time viewing.
The product boasts high compatibility, equipped with a Type-C, Micro, Lightning 3-in-1 adapter power supply interface that works with 99% of mobile devices on the market, making it effortlessly powered.
With an IP67 waterproof rating and 8 built-in LED lights that adjust in brightness, this Wi-Fi endoscope inspection camera is ready to tackle underwater challenges and dimly lit areas while resisting corrosion and wear.
Ideal for various applications, this Wi-Fi snake camera is your reliable tool for home appliance inspections, plumbing maintenance, and more.
It even comes with a small hook for reaching inaccessible items, making it an essential asset for home improvement enthusiasts.

About this item
Single Lens Endoscope
1080P dual lens wireless endoscope, front side lens can get different focal lengths and is equipped with enough led lights to make visualization of any blockage or object easy.
Front lens focal length: 2-10cm. No need to use an additional mirror, easy to use.

Semi-Rigid Cable and Waterproof Probe:
The snake camera can bend freely and remain semi-rigid.
The 16.4ft of semi-rigid wire is removable, which provides a good blend of flexibility and rigidity.
IP67 waterproof design allows the camera to operate underwater for 1 hour at 3.28ft.

Widely Compatible with iOS:
Unlike other endoscopes on the marketplace, our endoscope inspection camera can support Android (4.4+) and iOS systems (9.0+), we provide USB/Type-C/iOS interface, no need to purchase other adapters, with simple operations, you can view real-time images on the screen through our App "Sup-ANESOK".

7.9mm Integrated Probe:
With innovative design, the HD camera and smart chips are perfectly integrated into the durable integrated probe, compact structure. Great helper for hard-to-reach and tight spaces, such as HVAC, vent pipe, engine valves, toilets, etc.

Ideal Gift:
Hopefox Inspection endoscope is a must-have flaw-detection tool for Home Improvement! A wonderful gift for he/her family on birthdays, Father's Day, Christmas, and festivals.

Innovative Integration
Our 7.9mm integrated probe cleverly combines a durable design with an HD camera. It's compact, small, and easy to carry.

Smooth Viewing
Using the latest Wi-Fi technology, our camera transmits real-time images to your phone at 20FPS/s on the 2.4GHz frequency.
Just download the App to instantly see what's happening.

Universal Compatibility
Equipped with a Type-C, Micro, and Lightning 3-in-1 adapter power supply interface, it works with 99% of mobile devices available. This Wi-Fi industrial borescope is hassle-free to power up.

Ready for Any Environment
This Wi-Fi endoscope inspection camera is sealed with special glue, making it waterproof and resistant to wear and corrosion. With 6 adjustable LED lights, it handles underwater challenges and dim areas with ease.

Versatile Applications
This Wi-Fi snake camera is your tool for home appliance inspections, plumbing maintenance, and more. It even comes with a small hook for reaching inaccessible items. A must-have for home improvement tasks!

High Resolution Imaging:
This endoscope camera features a 2 million pixel HD lens with advanced imaging technology that can accurately reproduce every detail. It provides sharp, clear images of hard-to-see areas.

Wide Compatibility:
This pipeline inspection borescope comes with a Type-C interface and is equipped with adapters for Micro USB and Lightning, making it compatible with 99% of mobile devices on the market.

Adjustable LED Lights:
With 8 adjustable LED lights, this inspection camera can improve image brightness and clarity even in low light or dark conditions. You can easily adjust the brightness to suit your needs .

Durable and IP67 Waterproof:
This tube borescope comes with a sturdy and durable hard wire cable that provides stable image transmission.
The camera lens is IP67 waterproof, ensuring resistance to corrosion, wear, and tear.
It can be used in harsh environments without worry.

Flexible cable Neck
Photo shooting and video recording

Brand Name: Inskam
Model Number: W400-E (7.9mm Single Lens - Hard Cable 10M)
Imaging Sensor: CMOS
Product name: Inspection camera for Android IOS smartphone
Image resolution: 1920*1440
Video resolution: 1920*1440
Depth of field: 2-10cm
Temperature: 0-70℃
Light: 8pcs adjustable brightness LEDs
Camera outer Probe diameter: 7.9mm
Frame rate: 25FPS
support system: Android (4.4+) and iOS systems (9.0+)
Packaging and delivery
Selling Units: Single item
Single package size:5.5*13.5*14 cm

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