USB or PCI Telephone Recorder and Voice Logger

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Multi Line USB or PCI telephone Recorder and Voice Logger Records all Incoming/ outgoing telephone Calls.
Data includes Voice File of conversation, Phone Nos. of calling / called Party, Date, Time and duration of each call.
Powerful search options enable user to locate any call/set of calls.
Can access call data from anywhere.
Very simple and easy installation.
Works in background.
Password protected.
PC remains free for normal use.
A powerful monitoring tool, useful for everyone.
Supports Recording of 8 Telephone Connections simultaneously

Product Features:
2/4/8/16 Line (depend to choice of type in SiB7)
24 hours x 365 Days Recording of All Incoming / Outgoing Telephone Calls saved in PC
Supports Recording of GSM & CDMA Phones through FCT (optional)
Records complete Call details, including Own & Opposite Phone Nos, Date, Time and Duration of each Call 
Voice / Conversation Recordings saved in wave / mp3 format
Automatic Gain Control to ensure high voice clarity of all Calls
Permanent Record of All Calls - till Data deleted
Powerful Search Features - Locate any old Call/s / Data
View / Index / Export / Print Selected Call data in Excel
Missed Call Register
Supports Windows XP/2000/2003/ Windows 7 / Windows 8
Network enabled Software can be accessed through stand alone PC / LAN / WAN / Internet to Monitor event/s in Real Time and / or Query/Call Record/s Basis - from anywhere.
A Host of other Features that make this a Complete Phone Recording System.
Simple and User Friendly
User Can Self Install within few minutes
Password Protected

Package Contents: Each Box Contains
USB or PCI Recorder
1 x of USB Cable (Only for USB Models)
1 x Software CD
1 x User Manual

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