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RT-206 Table Desk Magnifier with Lamp light

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RT-206 Desk Magnifier with LED or 22W Fluorescent Magnifying Craft Lamp

The RT-206 with 22W Magnifying Craft Lamp provides crisp, artefact and shadow free light with almost no heat emissions. 

Combined with a high quality 5 diopter glass magnifying lens, it makes even the most intricate jobs manageable. 

The sprung steel arms and multi position G-clamp offer a full range of adjustments for a truly flexible lighting instrument.

Ideal for intricate work for electronic engineers and hobbyists

Shadow-free light with no heat emission

High quality 125mm (5 inch) five diopter glass lens

Spring balanced metal arms and locking knobs allow the unit to be secured in any position

Multi position G-clamp mounting bracket

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