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CAMAR 60X-100X LED Lighted Pocket Microscope

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CAMAR 60x - 100x Lighted Pocket Microscope is a lightweight and portable microscope with a built-in light provides a bright and clear image of an object, and is also available in an LED for a longer lasting light. 

The Pocket Microscope by SiB7 has a 60x - 100x magnification that will give you a close view of subjects of many sizes. 

The Microscope also has a focus control that allows for subjects to be in focus as the magnification changes. 

The Pocket Microscope has a rubberized eyepiece for comfortable viewing. 

Also, these Microscopes are very portable, and will fit easily in a pocket or purse. 

The 60-100x Lighted Pocket Microscope is a great pocket microscope that will give you a great view of subjects with its built-in light.

Built-in light provides a bright and clear picture of the object (2AAA batteries, included).

Rubberized eyecups ensure comfort during exploration.

With two rings independently set the magnification (marked "zoom") and sharpness (labeled "focus").

Ring "zoom" adjust the focal length, which determines the magnification. 

Rotate the ring to enlarge the object 60x - 100x.

Ring "focus" to set the brightness and sharpness. 

Simply rotate the ring until you see the object observed quite sharply.

Lightweight and portable, the pocket microscope is ideal for on-the-go science. This Product offers a powerful 60 to 100x magnification range, making it easy to examine blood samples, bugs, and anything else that's worthy of a closer look. The microscope also includes a built-in LED light that provides a bright, clear image, along with a rubberized eyepiece for comfortable viewing. Best of all, this item fits conveniently in a jacket pocket, so you can bring it along wherever you go--whether it's a school field trip or a visit to a friend's house.

ANN ARBOR, MI – June 20, 2012 – Handheld optical tools from Aven, Inc. now include the illuminated Pocket Microscope with adjustable magnification from 60x to 100x.

That instrument is among seven lightweight models of new pocket-size microscopes and magnifiers for use in industry, science and education. They are designed for basic quality inspection, color registration checks, gemology, science classes and field research in biology, botany and geology.

available with LED lighting, has a base for small objects, textile samples or flat specimen portions. Independent knobs adjust magnification and focus, and a rubberized eyepiece keeps external light out of the viewfinder. It’s 3.25 inches tall and weighs just over one ounce. The standard version needs two AAA batteries, while the longer-life LED version includes two AAA batteries.

Aven’s latest compact selections also include the MiniBrite Pocket Magnifier, a 5x slide-out device with LED lighting for bright, clear viewing. An acrylic aspheric lens assures distortion-free enlargements. The magnifier is 4.25 inches long with the 1.5-inch by 1.4-inch lens extended.

Aven’s other new pocket instrument, the MagniFlash Magnifier, is a multipurpose tool with a built-in LED flashlight. Four models allow a choice of 5x, 7x, 9x or 11x magnification through a 1.5-inch diameter aspheric lens – a style also used in cameras and vision correction for optimal clarity.

Each five-inch-long MagniFlash features a neck strap and case. It requires three AAA batteries, as does the MiniBrite.

“These pocket tools are practical for quick quality or alignment checks in production areas, or as lightweight accessories for academic field studies, dermatology exams and forensic work,” says Mike Shahpurwala, president of Aven. “Their price level makes multiple purchases affordable.”

Each pocket microscope and magnifier is engineered by Optical, a leading U.S. supplier of professional instruments.

Aven, Inc. manufactures and distributes high-performance optical instruments and precision tools for microscopy, inspection and assembly. More than 800 products include video inspection systems, integrated portable microscopes, video borescopes, task lights, stainless steel tools for lab use and precision hand tools such as tweezers, pliers, cutters, screwdrivers, crimpers, knives and alignment tools. Brands include Mighty Scope, iLoupe, iVue, Technik and Accu-Tek. 

An electronics innovator since 1983, Aven is located in a high-tech corridor of Southeast Michigan and is the parent company of SharpVue, which designs and manufactures integrated digital microscope technology.

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Please note that users must hold this LED pocket microscope flat against the surface in order for the image to come in clear and in focus. It will be difficult to view objects with the microscope tilted at an angle due to the very high magnifications. 

CAUTION: If a user is viewing a shiny surface, sometimes the bright LED light will cause a glare which causes the image to become over exposed and unclear.


I find pocket microscopes like the Pocket Microscope to be a necessary tool in my work with historical photographs.  

This inexpensive scope combined with the information and photo samples available at the www.sib7.com  , help me to identify historic photographic materials and processes. 

Being able to recognize a photographs support material, binding and surface characteristics are essential for accurately dating and caring for a historic photographic prints. 

While the material of old images might look similar to the naked eye, under 60X microscope, the conservator or researcher can see the crackled surface of an old albumen print or notice that the Collodion baryta layer blocks  the paper fibers.



LED lighted Pocket Microscope

Power and zoom controls (60-100x magnification) for bright, clear images

Portable and lightweight you can bring it anywhere

Rubber Eyepiece 




Magnification: 60 to 100x

Batteries: 2 AAA Batteries (included)

Dimensions: 1.25 by 3.25 by 0.75 inches (W x H x D)


Weight: 1.1 ounces

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