9892E Headband Lighting Magnifier 1 LED Double Eye 8 Lens 1-28X Magnifying Glasses Loupe

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9892E Headband Lighting Magnifier one LED Double Eye 8 Lens 1~28X Magnifying Glasses Loupe 

Let your two hands free with 1 LED headband illuminating magnifier for Jeweler Watch Repair

Widened lens can increase visual range

Attached are 5 kinds of lens with different magnification

Each product can be installed with two lens, 11 kinds of different magnifications are available including

Bulb holder is unique elastic strip locking up and down adjusting device, which can ensure more accurate positioning of lighting

Back-installed independent battery compartment design can realize lighter weight of bulb holder, and high-volume batteries can also be carried to bring about a higher luminance and longer service lifetime 

Easily used for reading books and newspapers, drawing, handicrafts, sewing, flower, potted landscape appreciation etc. 


Product Description

Two hands can be used! 

LED Head-wearing Reading, Timepieces Repairing Magnifier 

Changing magnifications of monocular lens include: 5x27mm,8x27mm,13x27mm,20x,25x,28x 

Binocular lens with 5 different magnifications can ensure 11 kinds of different magnifications through mutual combination:1.0x,1.5x,2.0x,2.5x,3.0x,3.5x,4.0x,4.5x,5.0x,5.5x,6.0x 


1.Movement towards legt and right of lens and LED light source holder can ensure alternating use of two eyes, and can effectively relieve visual fatigue due to long time work. Lens and LED holder can be moved to the middle for reading or the work requiring two wyes. 


2.This magnifier has the slot for unserting two lens, which makes monocular lens (with 3 different magnifications)change into 6 different kinds of magnifications and makes binocular lens(with 5 different magnifications)change into 11 kinds of different magnifications. 


3.Back-installed independent battery compartment design ensures that lamo holer is lighter and high capacity 3 AAA batteries can be installed to achieve stronger brightness and longer use time. 


4.Lamp holer is unique elastic strip locking up-and-down adjusting device, which ensures more accurate lighting positioning. Lamp holer can be adjusted separately to ensure larger irradiating angle for LED light.



Hands free Headband Magnifying Specs

Interchangeable Lens

Adjustable lens angle

Two lenses slots - Attach 2 lenses at a time for higher magnification

Magnification lenses are 1.0x, 1.5x, 2.0x, 2.5x, 3.0x, 3.5x, 4.0x, 4.5x, 5.0x, 5.5x, 6.0x 

Attached on single eye lenses are 5x27mm, 8x27mm, 13x27mm (Combination 2 lenses at a time produces 20x, 25x, 28x)

with LED light, 

powered by 3pcs AAA batteries

Package Include :

Hands free Headband x 1

Magnification lens x 5 types

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