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Skull Shaped Shot Glass

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This cool inverted skull shot glass holds 2 ounces and will be a hit at your next party.  By Fred and Friends. The design of the shot glass is based around the glass skulls revered by the Mayans.  Mayan legend told that these skull were a both a source of power and doom.  Add a little paranormal to your next party!

You're not really skulling a drink unless it's from a skull-shaped shot glass. Make your next double-shot tequila even more demon-like with this gimmicky Plug glass.

You know how lousy you feel after you take one too many shots during a long night of partying.  Well, let this Doomed Crystal Skull Shot Glass serve as a visual reminder next time of how you are going to feel if you keep throwing them back.  Perfect for themed parties or potent drinks, the person that takes a shot from this glass is going to make their presence known one way or another.

We make no claims beyond these: our Doomed Crystal Skull Shot Glass will hold 75ml of your favorite beverage and will stare right in your eye as you down your shot. Don’t blink!

Hand-blown crystal-clear borosilicate glass. One 75ml shot glass.

Whenever I have interesting deals in my queue, I love to share them. Some stuff isn’t just a great deal, but these are also often items that you just won’t find anywhere else. While not something for me exactly, this Crystal Skull Shot Glass fit the bill.

A definitely different piece of glassware, this was designed to be a tribute the Skull of Doom from Mayan legends. You don’t have to dig Mayan history and culture to think this is a great glass; I think some heavy metal fans, motorcycle enthusiasts, pirates, and many other folks would be pretty pleased to get one or more of these.

This Crystal Skull Shot Glass holds two ounces of your favorite beverage. A unique gift, it could be swell for you as well



Shot Glass Type:  Skull Shaped Shot Glass

Shot Glass Size: 2 ounces to the rim.

Dimensions: 2-3/4 inches high and 2-1/2 inches wide.

Boxed for easy wrapping.


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