Easy Intra Oral Dental CCTV Camera USB 4 Leds

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This dental camera that enables users to examine their teeth, ears, hair and other body parts on their own, you also could use it to look into cotton fiber, inset, leaf, rock and mini-size electron element so on. 

Operation is easy. 

Just plug the camera cable into any computer USB port and aim the lens at the part you want to see. 

Ever wanted to know what the inside of your mouth looks like close-up? Me neither, but now it’s possible with the USB Dental Camera, a toothbrush shaped USB camera. 

The camera has 30-50x magnification, 4 intense white LED lights, auto/manual focus, and can take 300k resolution images. 

I’d be scared as hell to see what my teeth look like at 50x magnified. 

I’ll leave that for the dentist, thank you very much.



slim head size for easy and comfortable intra oral positioning

Provide best video examination of a patient`s teeth.

Crisp high quality images.

Light and easy mobility.

Lighting: 4 Leds

Adjustments: automatic

Non-inverted image.

"Plug & Play" function for Ease-of-Installation with only USB port connection

An unified S/W program for full management and analysis

Power supply by USB (need no batteries)


System technique specifications:

Four LEDs: 4 white cold light LEDs 

Image output: USB, 2M cable

USB Dental camera /oral camera/medical camera

Power supply: Computer USB port powered, Rating DC-5V

Magnification: 30 - 50 times

Four LEDs: 4 white cold light LEDs

Image output: USB, 2M cable

Focus range: 5mm-infinite or 15mm-30mm two lens optional

Image Sensor: Latest 1/4 CMOS Sensor and Digital Signal Processing Chips 

image pexls: 800X600, Maximum 4.0Mega Pixels

Focus type: Manual focusing

Dimensions: L/205mm, w/30mm, h/20mm

A green freeze button on the out cover, can capture, freeze and save images

AMcap software CD and another cute freeware recommended

Model number: SolarCam Brand New 

Weight: NET 100g, Package 500g,

Includes 25 disposal transparent anti-infection plastic bags



1 x Easy Intra Oral Dental Toothbrush Camera USB 4 Leds

25 disposal plastic covers


1 x CD Driver

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