CEM DT-131 Pen Type Contact Digital Thermometer

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CEM DT-131 Pen Type Digital Multi-function Contact Thermometer Test for Food, Liquid, Soil

CEM DT-131 is a portable device such as a handheld that looks like a pencil or a pen designed for temperature measurements in the range from -40 ºC to 250 ºC contact method using a probe immersion type. 

Compact and lightweight, the thermometer CEM DT-131 produces temperature measurements in liquid, viscous, semi-solid and granular media.

Wide temperature range and ease of operation make it possible to use this device in various fields. 

The thermometer can be used for temperature control of products during their manufacture, transport and storage, for measuring the temperature of mortar and loose material, soil in greenhouses and greenhouses. 

In a domestic environment CEM DT-131 will measure the temperature of the water in a saucepan, an aquarium or a baby bath for bathing, conduct temperature control preserving or cooking.

The temperature sensor of the device is placed in a metal probe near its tip. 

Measurements of liquid or granular substance temperature occurs when immersed in her probe only a few seconds needed to probe the metal heated to a temperature of the object. 

Measurement error does not exceed 1.5% + 2 °.

To display the measurement results in the thermometer CEM DT-131 has an LCD display with a digital scale. 

To fix the readings on the display device provides the function «HOLD», activated by pressing the corresponding button.

The meter has a function of determining the maximum and minimum measured values. 

To conserve battery LR44 1.5V on the instrument used the device to shut down automatically after 20 minutes of inactivity. 

To protect the probe after hours is a special plastic cover. 

Thermometer CEM DT-131 is made in a sturdy plastic casing with a moisture barrier that reliably protects the device from bumps and keeps its efficiency after falling from a height of one meter.

To use thermometer, abate the accurate sheath, columnist the on off button and accept at diminutive 1 2 of the arbor into the testing area Then accepted temperature will be displayed To save array life, thermometer will automatically change about off afterwards about 20 minutes LCD accoutrement shows readings in Fahrenheit or Celsius

DT-131 pen-type contact thermometer offer fast response and laboratory accuracy.

We offer these 0.1 degrees centigrade thermometer Gulf resolution all measuring ranges. 

durable case protects both models.

CEM DT-131 mini-food thermometer for display budget represents the temperature meter with a protective case with a long probe for measurement in a liquid medium. 

On the front panel of the instrument DT-131 is located just 3 buttons, one of which is responsible for turning on and off, one after the switching unit (C ° / ° F) and last one for Hold data.

overload indication: Automatic shutdown


Specifications :

Measuring range: from -40 ° to + 250 ° C.

Resolution: 0,1 ° C.

Accuracy: 1,5% ± 2 ° (entire measuring range).

Speed: 2 seconds.

Battery: LR44 (1.5V).

Dimensions: 261*101*15 mm

Weight: 68 g


Package Include:

CEM DT-131 Mini-thermometer


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