BENETECH GM550 Digital Infrared Thermometer

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Benetech GM550 Non contact Thermometer detects the infrared ray that an object emits, displays the measurement temperature on the LCD.
This BENETECH GM550 Infrared Thermometer (-50c – 550) applies the principle of infrared for inducing surface temperature of a object, particularly high temperature object. 
It is especially widely used in steel casting, machine components, furnace temperature, glass, etc. 
Sophisticated manufacture makes it feature high precision, high resolution and low repeatability. 
LCD screen with backlight design enables you to get data easily and clearly even in the dark. 
This infrared thermometer is low power consumption as just run by a 9V battery, rather environmentally friendly and pollution-free. 
What is more, portable design with insulated material is safe and comfortable to handle. 
It is convenient and helpful without contact object directly. What a practical tool!
Non-contact accurate temperature measuring tool
Built-in laser aiming
Selectable C / F unit conversion function
Low battery indication
Backlight ON / OFF selectable
Auto power off and data hold function
Laser ON / OFF selectable
High precision, high resolution and low repeatability
Brand: Benetech
Model: GM550 or GM550E
Temperature range:-50 ~ 550℃ (-58~1022℉)
Accuracy:±1.5% or ±1.5℃
Repeatability:±1% or ±1℃
Distance Spot Ratio:12:1
Emissivity:0.95 preset
Response Time:500ms 
Wavelength:8-14μm ℃/℉ Selection
Data Hold function
Laser Target Pointer selection 
Backlight ON/OFF selection
Auto Power Shut Off
Power supply:9V battery
Dimension:153 X 101 X 43mm 
Weight: 208g(Including battery)
Package Content:
1 x Digital Infrared Thermometer GM550E
1 x User Manual