Intelligence Touch Wall Switch with RF Remote Control Capability

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Intelligence Touch Wall Switch
International standard panel, no need to change the original wiring, easy to replace. 
Smart Touch Switch: Crystal glass panel, Full-touch operation, LED luminous instructions, a variety of designs, can be used with different styles of decoration, with is a  indispensable design element to the modern Residential, enjoying the luxury.
Completely out of the traditional mechanical switches, long life,
Beautiful, the most important is its powerful intelligent control functions, allows you to arbitrary design 
the convenient control way as you wish.
Delay Timer (20mins) 
Touch control function: As long as touch the metal panel by hand, the light will be on; Touch it again, the light will be off. 
Load power: AC100V-240V 
Incandescent lamp <1000W 
Energy saving lamp <300W
کیفیت عالی و بینظیر
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من مدل 2پل ریموت خورش رو گرفتم و با کنترول دزدگیر قدیمی که داشتم ست کردم
الان حتی از یه اتاق دیگه هم میشه لامپهای سالن رو خاموش و روشنش کرد
برای بقیه اتاقها هم حتما می گیرم و احتمالا پریز برق تلفن و آنتن و زنگ در رو هم ازتون میخرم
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