Multi Channel Home Office Light Lamp Digital Remote Control Switch

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With this Remote Control Light Switch, you life will become so easy and convenience! 

Great, from now on, you can control your lighting from the comfort of your armchair or bed!



Multi Way Home Office Light Lamp Remote Control Switch.

This Multi Way Light Switch enables quick and easy switching with supplied remote control.

Loading of each way: Incandescence lamp 

Remote Control Switch suitable for living room, bedroom, office, etc.

Remote controller is powered by 1 x V23GA battery (not included).

Working power: 220V

Casing Material: Plastic

Remote Control Size: About (L)10.7 x (W)4.3 x (H)2.0cm


Package Included:

X x Remote Control Light Switch (Depend Of type)

1 x Remote Control

1 x Remote Control Batte

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