Laserliner CombiFinder Plus 080.955A Metal Detector and Voltage Tester

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Laserliner CombiFinder Plus 080.955A 2 in 1 metal detector / voltage tester, Locating Depth 75 mm 

can Metal Scan and AC Scan in the position of metal and electrified wire inside wall.

The LCD and Alarm up when the detector tests electrified metal or wire

to recognize metal objects, hold the metal-tester and move the unit on the wall, the alarm will come on when a Voltage or metallic object near

electrically conductive objects are indicated by a flashing light that is continuously when the voltage detector in the vicinity of the conductor


Technical data

Brand: Laserliner

Category: Detector

Locating depth (max.): 75 mm

Locating depth (ferrous metals): 75 mm

Locating depth (non-ferrous metals): 50 mm

Warning type: Visual, Acoustic

Length: 180 mm

Width: 85 mm

Height: 38 mm

Weight: 180 g

Batteries: 1 AAA batteries required.


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