DC 12V to DC 24V Converter Car Power Transformer

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12V to 24V power converter with excellent quality
This 12V to 24V converter is very suitable for those who want to use 24 volt appliances in cars that have 12V Batteries.
As you know, most car batteries produce 12 volts of electricity, and some appliances, such as mini-LCDs and amplifiers, etc., need 24 volts of power to work. Here, Sib7 introduces you a device that, by connecting a 12-volt power supply, will deliver 24-volt power to you so you can use any 24V appliance you want.
This device is a product of the famous and reputable company SUOER, which with its over-voltage protection board prevents the passage of unconventional voltage and converts 10.8 to 15 volts of electricity into stable and uniform 24 volts.
This SUOER converter also has an overload protection system and output short-circuit protection to protect the car's electrical system and the converter against these factors.
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Model: DC-180
Input Voltage: 12V DC / 10.8V~15V
Output Voltage: 24V DC
Output Current: 7.5A 
Efficiency: >90%
Peak Current: 10A
Input Protection: Fused
Output Protection: Short Circuit, Overload, Over Voltage
Output Ripple Voltage (Constant Load): 120mV
Certification: ISO9001-2000, CTA, CE, RoHS