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Sunpulse Portable Solar Lighting System with USB Mobile Charger

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Sunpulse SL series solar light system used in where is lack-in power for electricity to power phones, lamps and fan etc. 

in rural home electrification, remote cabins, tool sheds and barns and emergency power, multi-functional offer you best solution for electricity crisis during the electricity power shortages, go anywhere portable solar power system is extremely useful


Used in where is lack of power. 

Offer you the best solution for electricity crisis. 

During the electricity power shortages, go anywhere portable solar power system is extremely useful! 

Solar systems can be used for electricity to power phones, lamps and fan etc. 

it can be used in rural home electrification, remote cabins, tool sheds and barns and emergency power.

The Sunpulse all in one solar unit provides independent off-grid power ideal for camping, worksites or emergency situations.

It sets up in less than 30 seconds.  

Place unit and panel, connect panel cable to plug into socket on the unit, and you are done.

We have these units in 20w and 30w versions

Comes with three plug and play super efficient individually switchable 12v LED lights

Charge tablets, cellphones and other devices through the onboard USB port

Run other 12v appliances


Product description:

Sunpulse product, includes off grid solar lighting small system and off grid power system.

The product is red in style and iron shell. 

Solar lighting system inbuilt with PWM solar charge controller and lead acid battery.

The shell is equipped with PV connection terminal,12V DC output terminal and 5V USB DC output terminal, providing DC output.

It is designed with a handle on the top which makes 

it portable. Off grid power system, besides with all the features of solar lighting system, the appearance and the capacity of the battery is bigger. 

-Equipped with wheels on the bottom, makes it movable.

-Solar power system has built in pure sine wave power inverter in various capacity.

-SL solar power system provides both DC and AC output.

-Designed with a extra connection terminal for external battery to meet the demand of more power storage, and guarantee the long time power usage.


Product Features:

No pollution, green energy

With a handle, easy to install and use

Save energy and electricity consumption

For rural area, camping, remote cabins, emergency power

Environment friendly, lower-cost



System voltage: 12V

Solar panel(18V, with 5m or 10m cable): Min. 10W/Max. 50W

Storage battery(12V lead acid battery): 7ah

AC charging adaptor(Input: 100-240V, 14.5 2A): Optional

USB charger adaptor(3 different connectors): Optional

Lighting source(LED 3W): 2pcs or 3pcs or 4pcs

Lighting cable(5m): 2pcs or 3pcs or 4pcs

Solar charge controller: 12V 5A

Charge controller mode: PWM

Double USB port: 5V 2.1A

LED indicators: Fault, battery capacity, solar power

Solar/AC input port: Yes

Solar panel: 50W

Operating temperature: -35℃-65℃

Max. solar charge controller: 5A

Rated discharge current: 5A

Open circuit loss: <5mA

Over voltage protection: 17V

Lift charge voltage: 14.6V

Lower voltage protection: 11.8V

Over discharge voltage: 11V

LED indicators: Fault, battery capacity, solar power

Solar /AC input port

Temperature compensation: -4.0mv/0ºC/2V

DC12V output plug: 4pcs or 6pcs

Protection circuit: Over charge, over discharge, overload, short circuit, solar panel and battery reverse polarity

Solar panel: 18V with 6m cable 30W

Storage battery: 12V lead acid battery 26Ah

Lighting source: LED 3W

Unit size: 220*134.2*197mm

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