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Solar Flood Light Outdoor Super Bright Light LED with Remote Control

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solar flood light outdoor lawn lights wall lamp spotlight garden light has SMD LEDs light, producing More lumen
It will run for up to 8 hours on a full charge at this brightness.
By reducing the brightness with the remote control, the light can shine for 10 hours at 30%. 
There is also a "Night Light" setting for minimal light and usage.
A setting can be stored in memory for recall for even easier operation.
this light is quite bright but of course it is not meant for complete illumination as those led diodes are not capable of providing bright enough light for you to see every detail on the ground. 
This average light output will however be able to illuminate more square feet region with very bright light because the LED diodes have wide angle and they output a fairly intense light.
The lamp and the solar panel both are made from plastic but the plastic is somewhat resilient and it is also weather proof as this light is intended for outdoor use. The fact that there are no sensors that can malfunction will also work in your favor because some floodlights with motion sensors don’t work in the winter but this fixture will work as a charm in almost any weather conditions.
this Concept Solar Powered Outdoor Flood Light features bright LEDs in a compact, attractive design. 
Great for outdoor illumination of walkways, patios and backyards. 
It is engineered for outdoor weather and can be easily installed in various configurations with minimal tools or effort. 
You don't need to wire anything or involve electricity - The Power Comes from the Sun. 
High Lumens LED
Aluminum Alloy Body, Prevent Bask In Rain
Super Strong Infrared Remote Control Receiving
Intelligent Light Control
High Quality Solar Energy Components
8 meters Distance Wireless Remote Control
Light Sensor with Manual On/Off (Extended Cable Included) Designed for outdoor use
the solar-powered LED flood light offers a convenient way to light up a side yard
highlight a patio, or increase safety around an alley, doorway, or garage. 
Its wire-free design means no need for electricity
making it an especially handy option for remote or difficult-to-access locations such as rooftops, sheds, detached garages, barns, and other outbuildings. 
In lieu of electricity, the ultra-efficient unit draws energy from the sun using a solar panel. 
The unit turns on automatically at dusk, Even more, the compact unit provides a separate on/off switch with an extended cable and features weather and impact-resistant plastic construction for long-lasting performance and defense against the elements. 
A practical addition to any outdoor security system
Decades of engineering experience and expertise birthed a complete line of solar lighting systems-from outdoor motion-sensing security lights, flood lights, decorative lanterns and bollard lights-that bring warmth, ambience, and a sense of safety to rural and urban homes.
From the Manufacturer
Save money and the environment by using solar power!
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This light has no motion sensors and no lux sensors so there are less parts that can break but you get an on / off switch that can be mounted at a distance...
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