SMD3528 60LEDs/m 5 meter Full Pack RGB LED Strip with remote control

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SMD3528 60LEDs/m 5 meter Full Pack RGB LED Strip with remote control

All Kits are ready to use. RGB LED strips, remote controller, power adaptor and connectors are included. No more accessories are required to buy. 

Easy Installation. Plug and play without wiring. 

Ultimate customized mode. 16 color choices with 5 light patterns and 4 speed controlling levels. It is easy to find a setting belong to you. 

Well-distributed lighting. LED components are uniformly lined up. no flickering and dead lights in the strip even after a long service life. All the LEDs spread very smoothly from one color to the next. 

Cuttable and linkable. Easy to cut and use with Lighting EVER accessory (include). It can be cut every 9 LEDs along the cutting marks, without damaging the rest strips. 

Flexible operations. Slim, compact and flexible PCB strip. Mount end-to-end for bendable or angled patterns, or in continuous rows. 

Waterproof. IP67, the protective index is similar to a regular street lamp. Can be used in outdoor applications for many years. (Please note: only LED strips are waterproof. Remote controller, power adaptor and connectors are non-waterproof.) 

Safe to use. The working voltage is 12V. extremely low heat. It is touchable and safe to children. 

Reduce re-lamp frequency. Lifespan is over 50000 hrs. Save effort and maintenance costs on changing lights frequently. 

Eco-Friendly. RoHS compliant. No battery. No lead or mercury. No UV or IR Radiation. 



Flash, Strobe, Fade, Smooth effects

Standard size for strip length 5 Meter

Amplifier (repeater) for every 9 units

Flat-strip design, easy installation

Perforated scissor mark for creating ideal strip length

Built-in cable bridge diode for motorcycle decoration

IP67 water resistance


3M Double-Tape


Specification :

1. Emitted Color : RGB

2. Dimension. : W0.9 x H0.2 x L500(cm)

3. LEDs Source : 3528 SMD LED

4. LEDs Q’ty : 60 LEDs per meter

5. Single LED Intensity : Red 430, Green 1000, Blue, 230

6. Viewing Angle :  160 Degree

7. Forward Voltage : 12v

8. Current : 220mA(Max.)

9. Power Consumption : 4.8W per meter

10.Waterproof (IP67).

11.CE, RoHS compliant

این smd نواریا سه رنگه یا رنگ های ثابت سبز قرمز و آبی رو نشون میده یا همشو و اصلا رنگ زردو سفید و هررنگ ترکیبیه دیگه ایی رو نمیتونه ایجاد کنه و یسری عکسای با smd خورشیدی برای این مدل نیست

پاسخ: هر لامپی میتونه به 3 رنگ اصلی یا ترکیبی از این 3 تا دربیاد، مثلا برای رنگ سفید هر 3 رنگ داخل یک لامپ روشن میشه
یا مثلا برای ایجاد رنگ زرد، بخشهای قرمز و سبز در حداکثر میزان خود در هر لامپ روشن میشه (بخش آبی روشن نمیشه) و ترکیب اینا تا حدودی زرد دیده میشه.
منظورتون از عکسهای با SMD خورشیدی رو متوجه نشدیم، اینا ریسه خورشیدی نیستن با برق شهری و آداپتور کار میکنن
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