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GDPLUS GD-8060 Solar Lighting System Rechargeable Portable light with FM radio and MP3 player

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GDPLUS Solar System GD-8060 Brighter than even, LED emergency lamp with MP3 radio mobile phone charger lighting system
Anyone who is considered a good homeowner should own such a gadget and we have full arguments.
It is ideal for situations where there are malfunctions in the existing electrical network but also for trips with the tent, in isolated places from the mountain or from the sea.
Prevent any need you may have, your family or your group of friends, wherever you are.
It has some excellent functions that make any owner a true fan. 
The whole kit is small and can be taken and used anywhere.
The system is powered either from the socket (you load it and keep it charged for the situation you need it), or with the help of a solar panel. 
It also has an internal battery.
The system components are
Portable lamp with FM and MP3 Player. 
It has a headlamp with 20 hours light and a side light with 11 hours. 
It has radio, player, USB gadget charging and fan support.
3 LED bulbs that are powered by the portable lamp and can illuminate in good conditions 3 rooms or tents (as the case may be).
Solar panel that supplies the entire system. 
The maximum solar charge lasts 14 hours in a day with normal lighting. 
The power supply from the outlet takes 13-16 hours.
Power and connection cables - universal USB power cable, bulb cables, with switch - so you can turn off the bulbs you don't use.
The Portable Solar lighting system can load 2pcs remote bulb.
Accept two kinds charging modes of 7V Solar Panel and DC5V.
The product have USB OUTPUT port, as an USB charger for USB-powered devices.
Product name: Solar lighting system
Brand Name: GDPLUS
Model Number: GD-8060
Application: HOME
Mounting type: hanging
Supply voltage: 220 V
Power: 6 W
Spout type: LED
Light Color: White
Number of lighting sources: 4
Battery cell type: Li-Ion
Battery: 6V Lead-acid
Charging time: 12 Hours
Work Time (h): 15-20 Hours
Switch type: Classical
Certificate: CE
Material: ABS Plastic
Load: 3pcs remote bulb
Charge method: 9V Solar Panel/DC5V/Micro USB
Function: Lighting/USB OUTPUT
Size: 88*37*142MM