GD-16 Super Solar lighting System GDPLUS

780,000 تومان
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GD-16 Solar Lighting System pack with 3 lamps 
GD-16 solar package, a convenient and reliable companion for trips and power outages of your home or workplace, an attractive offer from the Sib7 Group that includes a battery (on this battery 1 flashlight and a projector and a small speaker), One solar panel (3.5 watts) and three 3-watt lamps.
Product features:
This GD-8 solar lighting system can power 3 3-watt bulbs and can also provide the energy needed to charge the phone through the USB port on the device, and even play audio files via flash.
To charge this device, both solar panel and city electricity (220-110 volts) can be used.
Main specifications:
Internal battery (lead-acid) 6 volts-4 amps
Charging time about 12-10 hours
It has 4 6-volt outputs and one USB output
The battery of this device can power one mobile light bulb for about 30 hours, 2 light bulbs for about 15 hours and three light bulbs for about 12 hours.