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Sndway SW-50 Laser Distance Meter

528,000 تومان
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SW-50 is a professional hand-held laser range-finders, features compact, the function is all ready, measurement precision, simple operation, easy is able to realize a fast in length, of area, volume measurement, with the large size hd LCD shows let you in any and all circumstances be clear at a glance on the measurement results.


This machine and equipped with unique indirect measurement model, satisfy your different complex environment in the measurement of demand, easy measurement, relaxed and improve work efficiency. Willy deep laser displacement meter is your field measurement tools the ideal choice!

Main application:

1 indoor decoration design and construction

2 project supervision field engineering inspection

3 traffic policeman the scene of the accident fast forensics

4 real estate development and evaluation, fire evaluation

5 public facilities planning, architecture, the telecommunications industry


Measurement Accuracy:±2mm


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