Smart Sensor AR881 Laser Distance Meter 100m Measure Range

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SmartSensor AR881 Laser Range Finder Laser range finder is a instrument to measure the accurate distance to the goal by utilizing laser. 

While working, laser range finder projects bunch of very thin lasers to the goal, the photoelectric element receive goal reflection's laser beam, the timer determination laser beam receive time from the launch, calculates the distance from the observer to the goal. 

Laser finder weight is light, the volume is small, simply operation, quickly and accurate, its error is only other range finder’s 1/5 to1%. 

Thus it is widely used in the topographic measure, battlefield measure, tank, airplane, naval vessel and artillery to goal range, and measure the height of cloud layer, airplane, missile as well as satellite and so on. 

It is important technical equip to enhance the tank, the airplane, the naval vessel and the artillery precision .


This digital laser distance meter is a highly accurate measuring tool , fast and easy to operate.

Measure distance from  0.3 to 100m with accuracy of +/-2mm

The digital laser distance meter can be used for :measuring distance, length, width, height and gaps.

The Pythagorean theorem mode to take measurement in difficult-to-measure situations

Calculating areas and volumes

Use in outdoor and indoor measurement

LCD display easy to read, and the back light are clearly visible indoor and outdoor, especially in the dark

The automatic power off function turns the tool off after 2 minutes of inactivity for increased battery life



Brand: Smart Sensor

Model number:AR881

Measurement Range:0.3~100m

Measurement Accurancy: ±2mm

Minimum Measurement Unit:1mm

Historical Record:30 times

Laser level: 2 class

Laser type:635nm, <1mW

Automatic shutdown:2 minutes

Automatic cutting laser:20 seconds


Battery life: more than 5000 times

Operating temperature:-10~50degree

Storage temperature:-20~60degree

Imperial/Metric Selection  √

Triangulation Measurement √

Low Power Indicatioon √

Backlight √

Continuing Measurement √

Measuring Benchmark Setup √

Length Summation √

Area/ Volume Measurement Function √


Product Net Weight: 230g


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