TL-2510A LED Table and Wall Clock with Aluminum Case

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TL-2510A Slim LED table and wall clock 
Selectable time format: 12/24 hours;
Calibration can be accessed with the buttons on the side of the housing
Energy saving design: adjustable brightness LEDs - high, medium, low
Keep the timer device on after the DC power is turned off
Timeliness: daily deviation <0.5 seconds
Range of temperature measurement: -9 - 45 ℃, accuracy ± 1 ℃, time deviation (24 hours ≤ 1 second)
Installation: indoor wall mounting or table set
With alarm function
Display of hour and minute, date, month and temperature
Works with DC5V adapter
RED LED digits
Size: 253 mm W X 103 mm H X 25 mm D.