Multifunctional Digital Alarm Clock with 6 Color Night Light, Nature Sounds, Temperature, USB Port

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906 Simple and Elegant Digital Alarm Clock: 6.5" Large LED alarm clock, bold large digits display time (12 Hr/24 Hr), temperature (℉/℃), date, day of week, alarm time in a with clear and comfortable sense in an visual angle of 0-45 degrees.
Smart Nightlight Clock: Adjust the brightness by touching the backlight button on the top of the alarm clock, 4-levels adjustable. 
It will automatically gives off soft light at night(PM 10-AM 6) and it will glow brighter light for 5 seconds only when you press LIGHT button.
Alarms for Weekday Mode: Three alarms (25 music available, 3 Level Adjustable Sound Volume ) can to be selected wake you only from Monday to Friday, as well as can be optionally wake you from “MON-SAT” or “MON-SUN”.
USB Charging Port: Dual 5V/2A USB Port For Fast charging your smartphone, ipad or other smart device without plug in wall, handy, conveniently and organized.
Main Powered with Battery Backup: Plug in any wall outlet to power the clock with the included UL certified DC adapter. 
With two AG13 button batteries, the alarm and time settings will not be cleared even if it is power off.
Sunrise Alarm Clock & Adjustable Alarm Volume
digital alarm clocks for bedroom wakes you up gently by sunrise simulation and 25 alarm tones you can choose. 
The light of sun lamp alarm clock will increase gradually 30 minutes before the alarm time, a sound brings you out from a heavy sleep gently.
Note: When alarm is sounding, please touch snooze button to pause it or press any round button backside to stop it.
Dual Alarm Clock & 12/24Hr & Big Snooze Button
Led clocks with large numbers can meet your different needs. 
You can set 3 kinds of time modes from Monday to Sunday, one for working days(1-5) and other 2 for weekends(1-6 or 1-7). 
The electronic clock with date provides 12/24 hour time format, highly visible time display. 
Snooze function gives you extra 5 minutes of sleep after the alarm sound, stop it by pressing any button at backside.
The digital alarm clock provides 12/24 hour time format, highly visible time display.
It also offers calendar information like M/D, weekday, even temperature.
Warm Light & Decorative Lights
6 colorful night light, one color or color cycle can be selected to decorate your room. 1 adjustable warm light with full range brightness and 4 level brightness time display contributes to offer you a cozy and warm room. Bedside clocks adjustable brightness also can be used as bedside reading lamp at night. To help you fall asleep faster, it automatically to be dim between 10pm to 6am.
Sleep Clock for Kids & Adults & Big Numbers
With Sunset simulation, the led light and display will be gradually dim 30 minutes before the sleep time, no need you get up to decrease the light. 
You can check time on LED screen directly at night.
Note: The display can NOT be full dark when it is working, the lowest brightness is 10% of total. 
Numbers are big, easy to see.
Dual USB Charger Ports & Customer service
Allowing two devices like cellphone or tablet pc to be charged at same time. 
Additional choice for cell phone charging, connect your smart device with usb cord before you go to bed, wake up with fully charged. 
NOTE: Only offer a 60'' charging cord, without plug or adapter
Concise Design, Great Use 
This clock fits perfectly in your bedside table or office table. It offers time display, temperature, 3 alarms, snooze, weekday adjustable, USB charging port and so on. 
Silent Alarm Clock 
Silent design, peace of mind. There is no ticking of traditional alarm clocks, so you have a quiet sleep experience. 
Snooze Function 
When alarm is activated, pressing the SNOOZE button, it will temporarily suspends and will sound again 5 minutes later. 
Weekday and Everyday Alarm Mode 
It can be optional from MON-FRI, MON-SAT, MON-SUN. Make you enjoy your holiday, no to be late for school/work/party in business days. 
Memory Function 
With two AG13 button batteries, the alarm clock has memory function. The data set earlier will not be cleared even if the power is turned off. 
Sunrise Alarm Clock
The bedside alarm clocks can help you get up in the morning gently by simulating the sun raising.
All setting will be memorized, no need to reset every time, very convenient. This helps you to normal use after a power failure.
Dimmer function:
4 level brightness of led display can be manually adjusted after turn on the alarm clock, perfect for anyone who is sensitive to light in a dark bedroom.
You can touch the top ligh button to turn ON/OFF the LED light, press UP and Down button to adjust the brightness of led warm light.
6.5inch Large Display
25 Nature Sounds
The buttons at back let you pick the alarms sound and sound volume.
1) 25 relaxing nature sounds like bird singing, soft music and famous piano music, waltz, you can choose.
2) Offer 3 level voice volume to wake up different sleepers, L-M-H for light sleepers to heavy sleepers.
How to get a cozy and warm room?
Alarm Clocks Night Light -- 7 Colors
There is a color changing LED light around the clock itself, press the top button to turn on light.
1-Press the button 1 time to turn on the warm light, which will change the intensity of the white light to a warm white, you are able to fall asleep faster.
2-Double press the button to get colorful light(6 colors), the light's color can be set to automatically change and cycle through all the colors or just one color of choice, 6 colors you can choose. 
(Note: 6 colors' brightness is NOT adjustable)
By changing the brightness of the warm light to meet different needs, like reading(high), auxiliary lighting(mid) and night light(low)
Big Light & Snooze Button:
Turn warm light on/off
Turn on the LED color picker
Snooze(pause the clock)
Touch the top Snooze button to get an extra 5 minutes of sleep time when alarm is sounding. 
(Note: 5 mins later, clock will alarm again, stop it totally by pressing any round button at back)
Clock Size: 190*52*92mm
Screen Size (L*W) : 6.18" X 2.32"
Backup Batteries: 2 LR44 batteries required. (included)
WEIGHT: 180 g
Package Included
1 x  Alarm Clock
1 x USB Charging Cable