LED High Definition Mirror Alarm Clock Temp Humidity Sensor

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LED high-definition mirror alarm clock
6.5 LED digital display Large clock improves visibility, shows clear and accurate time, and 
is easy to read.
Adjust the appropriate brightness according to your personal preference to 
ensure that you can easily read the display during the day and that your attention will not 
be distracted at night. You can also act as a mirror when you need it. 
Snooze function:
The normal alarm sound played at the preset volume is too low to wake you up or too loud to 
wake up to. This clock starts your day. 
The buzz starts with a subtle, low volume 
and gradually increases to a higher volume to gently wake you up. 
Press the touchpad gently 
to start Snooze and get extra minutes of sleep. 
Adjustable volume 
Set the alarm tone to low volume or high volume according to your personal preference. 
USB charging function 
There are two USB charging ports on the back panel, one for clock power and the other for 
charging the phone or iPad/tablet, making up for the lack of sockets. 
easy to use 
Designed with absolute simplicity in mind, there is no problem setting/using it, and it is 
convenient for children, the elderly and the elderly.
3 alarms and 3 alarm programming modes
Configure having 3 alarms to put, and configure if we want it to sound from Monday to Friday, or from Monday to Saturday, or from Monday to Sunday.
Dual USB ports
It comes with two USB sockets, one to connect to the current and another to charge any technological device, avoiding occupying another socket.
Three light modes, 2 volume levels
Self-adjustable illumination: Brighter, medium brightness, Darker, so, Do not worry about the brightness of the alarm clock that affects our sleep quality. 2 levels of adjustable volume.
Bedside table
Perfect size, The numbers are large and are seen at a distance, it shows us the time and temperature and humidity. 
the time is in 12 and 24 hours, Perfect for the bedside table.
Backup battery: memorize the time during a power cut 
Please note: you must connect the clock through the USB cable to display the time and use the alarm function.
Tips: 3V battery only can memorize the time, to do the watch work please plug the included charger.
Time established: 12 and 24 hour format
Temperature Format: Celsius and Fahrenheit
Volume: 2 levels
Lighting: 3 modes
Alarms: 3 alarms
Material : Plexiglass Mirror + Plastic Shell
Hour Format: 12H / 24H
Temperature Display Setting: °C / °F 
Power By: Dual USB Ports Charging
Powered by: powered by USB; 3V battery (included) to keep time.
Product Dimensions: 18 x 8 x 5.7 CM
Weight : 345 g