LED Digital 3D Clock with 3 level Brightness, Alarm Snooze Clock

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The only Want reader must know that we are a big fan of minimalist design. 
A design studio that is good at that is the Czech Kibardindesign. 
Now they are attracting worldwide attention with the White & White. 
A 3D version of a traditional digital LED clock. 
The White & White has a light-sensitive sensor that adjusts the brightness of the lamp to the environment. 
So when it gets darker, it gets brighter. 
The clock has an alarm function.
Alarm function: 0-24h alarm clock with 2 minutes beeper;. -Snooze function: you can take a nap for a little while. 
The default snooze time is 5min, and can be freely set from 5 to 60min. 
Snooze Timer,USB Charge DC Power and Battery Backup Digits Table Wall Clock.
LED time display(the time display 0:00).
There are 3 levels of brightness(the default brightness is medium).
Night mode with automatic dimming.
Total 3 functional buttons: MODE,UP,DOWN.
Total 4 positions time display(12/24 hour modes).
The alarm AL display is 6:00.
Alarm with snooze function.
Snooze function,5-60 minutes (The default interval time is 5 minutes).
Item Type: LED Clock
Display: digital
Color: Black with White/ Blue/ Red/ Green Letter & White with Blue Letter
Material: Acrylic + LED Module + Circuit Board
Time: Supports 12 or 24 hour format
Alarm: alarms can be applied
Brightness control: 3 levels of brightness 
Clock's back up battery: CR2032 
All battery is not included according to the shipment law. 
Voltage: 5V
Dimension (L×H×W): 220x50x95mm
Weight: 0.245kg
Package Included: 
1 * LED Clock
1 * USB Cable
1 * User Manual