DS-3625L Mirror Screen LED Alarm Clock

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DS-3625L Mirror Screen LED Alarm Clock

Large screen with white LED digit display is easy to read.

The digital alarm clock is super slim and compact.

Its size is almost the same with iPhone 6 Plus.

Extremely suitable to place the clock on the bedside or your office table without occupying too much space.

Mirror surface design allows you to regard it as a mirror in daily use.


Dual-USB Ports:

The digital LED Mirror Alarm Clock with two USB ports available, a USB charger or plug charger, max 2.1A output for each, meets two devices charging simultaneously.

2 minutes interval snooze function allows you to get extra sleep time


Large LED Display, Mirror Function, Digital alarm clock: 15.8 x 8.7 x 1.2 cm mirror screen Ultra-Large LED Display is easy to read the time. It can be hanged on the wall as a hanging clock.

And the display is also can be used as a mirror in daily use, and it's plastic material, not easy to be broken.

It's very light and slim, lighter than a phone


Dimmer Control Alarm Clock:

Three levels of adjustable brightness from high to low for you choose.

Night light mode works at the time that set, which ensures screen visibility and won't irritate your eyes at night.

office clock, desk clock


Snooze & Memory Function Alarm Clocks:

Big snooze button helps you to easily turn off the buzzer without opening eyes, and get extra 2 minutes sleep, but simultaneously prevent oversleeping.

Built-in CR2032 button cell can memorize all the settings (time, brightness, 12/24 mode) even the clock powered off, no need to reset all the setting once the clock get power back


Dimming Adjustable Brightness:

The screen's brightness will automatically adjust while turn on Light Sensor Mode, perfect for anyone who is sensitive to light in a dark bedroom and you can also manually adjust brightness in low, medium and high brightness in different occasions


A watch with an interesting mirror display solution, bright beautiful backlighting of numbers and a built-in alarm clock.

Powered by USB connector (power adapter not included).

You can turn on from any USB connector or from any power supply with a USB output.

There is a back-up battery (time will not be lost if the electricity is cut off or simply disconnected from the network).



Large number display in the 6.5" mirror screen.

Digital display (white backlight)

Easy-to-use buttons and handy snooze bar.

12/24 optional time formats.

Dimmer Function: 3 brightness options easily switched by the "+" and "-" buttons.

Auto brightness adjusted according to the environment.

Night mode tells the clock to dim at the desired time you set.

Snooze button limitlessly gives you 2-60 more minutes to prepare yourself for the day.

2 installation options allow you to place the clock on a desk or hang it on a wall.

USB 5V power (power cable included)



Time Display: 12/24 hours system

Brightness: Bright/normal/dim, auto mode, night mode

Alarm: Single alarm (lasts for 2 min)

Snooze Time: 2-60 min

Backup power: 1 x CR2032 or CR2016 Lithium Battery (included)

Input: 100-240 V AC, 0.4 A

Output: 5V, 1A

Digit size, mm: 50

size: 15.8 * 6.7 * 1.2 cm

Net Weight: 181g


Package Included

1 x LED Digital Alarm Clock

1 × Bottom Stand

1 x USB Cable