Digital Countdown, Counts up Chronometer with Clock and Magnet

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Large LCD Display, Big Digits and Loud Alarm With bigger 2.6 inches LCD screen and clearer bold numbers, Digital Kitchen Cooking Timer is easily to read. 
Digital timer with 67-94DB loud beeping sound ensures you can hear this kitchen cooking timer’s alarm in another room. 
No worry about overcook or undercook.
Counts up and Countdown The Digital Kitchen Timer Clock can both count up and count down in a range from 1 second to 24 hours which makes it a perfect timer for VARIOUS ACTIVITIES like cooking, exercise, gym workout, homework, barbecue, baking, sports, games, kids’ activities and meetings. 
If you want to quickly setup the kitchen timer, press the H, M, or S button for 3 seconds to fast forward
Set free your fingers, no need to hit M button 45 times to set 45 minute.
Simple to Use with Clock Mode Digital Cooking Timer Clock has two modes (Timer Mode for Count up and down, Clock mode). You can just press MODE button to change mode. 
You can also set min/sec/hour individually in operation. 
12 Hours time mode changes from AM to PM. (Without ON/OFF button as an Energy-Saving clock).
Magnetic Back, Retractable Stand and Hook for Hanging The Kitchen Timers Magnetic is convenient to place in three ways especially its STRONG MAGNET working fine on the refrigerator. 
Do not worry about falling down.