W-838 USB Fast Charger Power Adapter with 10 USB Output Ports

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W-838 USB Fast Charger Power Adapter with 10 USB Output Ports

Strong compatibility:
Super compatibility for IPAD, IPHONE, SAMSUNG mobile phone, Tablet PCs and other mobile phone; it can be easily achieved with a 2.1A fast charge (IPAD).
Convenient and practical:
Simply connect an AC power cord to the adapter to provide power for mobile phones, but also at the same time for several cell phone charger, cell phone charger to avoid a multiple outlet grab phenomenon; and with a dedicated power switch, you can turn off input high voltage power supply.
Smart convenience:
Using the latest digital products charging current automatic intelligent detection function, intimate protect your MP3, MP4, IPDA, DV, mobile phones, digital cameras and etc. greatly enhance product safety and service life.
Environmental protection:
Compatibility, charging object unfettered, avoid using multiple chargers. Spend the AC-to-USB charging socket for USB data cable to meet the charging equipment. To MP3, MP4, DV, Bluetooth hands-free, all kinds of mobile phones, digital cameras and other digital products all 5V power supply charge.

Input: AC100-240V 50-60Hz
Input voltage: I / P-O / P, I / P-FG: 1.5KV AC, O / P-FG: 0.5KV AC 1min
Output: 5V/12A 60W
Output ripple: 100~150%
Output voltage adjustment range: +/-10%
Output overload protection: 90%-105%
Efficiency: 70%
Heat dissipation method: cooling aluminum sheet
Automatic identification: automatically recognize the current according to the device
Single port maximum output: 3.5A
Material: PC+ABS fire retardant material
Size: 139*85*36.5mm
Weight: 0.22kg