Pro User DFC150 Intelligent Microprocessor Battery Charger

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ProUser DFC150 intelligentes Batterieladegerat Ladestrom 1A DC
Intelligent Battery Charger with 12-bit AD Microprocessor and 4-stage charging characteristic
High Frequency Switch Mode Charger
In a high frequency Charger the linear transformer is replaced by a rectifier. 
A condenser accumulates the energy as a high direct current at 300V. 
The transformer operates at approximately 50.000 Hz an is much more efficient with less energy costs and less heat.
Special Features and Advantages:
Spark Proof
Short Circuit Protection
Voltage Compensation - A sensor will automatically adjust the charging voltage if the temperature deviates
Overheat Protection - A sensor connected to the positive and negative clamps monitors the actual input voltage to the battery and adjusts accordingly. This will maximize the charging performance
6 & 12 Volt Batteries 1.0 Amp DC / 1.5 Amp (RMS) charging
Suitable Gel Cell and Normal Lead Acid Batteries between 2-65 Ah
IP65 waterproof casing
Faulty Battery indicator
Power ON indicator
Charging indicator
Fully Charged indicator
Reverse Polarity Connection to Battery pole indicator
1500mA 6/12V electronic smart charger
Fully automatic dual voltage smart charger recommended for a wide range of vehicles up to 2.5L (2500cc)
LED display indicators showing: reverse polarity, faulty connection
Suitable for motorbikes, cars, trucks
This battery charger ensures by itself that you don’t overcharge and damage your vehicle’s battery
This battery charger offers overheat protection, protection against short circuit and wrong connections and is also spark proof.