MiG 200W Power Inverter 12V Car Battery to 220V AC Convertor with LCD Display

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MiG 200W Continuous 400W Peak Car Charger Car Battery To 220V Ac Convertor
A USB charger that could Charge MP3/MP4, cell phone and other electrical devices
Plug the cigarette lighter to the car socket and plug your device to the AC outlet of the inverter (MP3 players, cell phones, laptop, digital camera, video camera etc. may use USB to get charged directly)
Turn on the switch of the power inverter, the green light will be on then turn on your device, you could now start to enjoy the convenient service from MIG power inverter
To avoid the overload current, please ensure that the current to use will not exceed the rated current of the power inverter and make sure the negative pole of the DC 12V (Car batter) is grounded.
A fuse with 15A current is with the car to protect the cigarette lighter and the maximum wattage is 180W for such car (15A, 12V)
Using it with full load for a long time may hurt the fuse of the car so please try not to use it with a full load, even in case of emergency we recommend you not to use it more than an hour with a full load.
If the abnormal sound is emitted, it indicates that the voltage of your car battery is lower than 10.6V, you need to start the automotive engine to charge the battery.
If the red indicator of the power inverter is on please turn off the switch immediately as it indicated overloading. The self-protection function is generated automatically. 
Disconnect the device and switch off the power supply. 
Do not use it before it has cooled down.
Ensure that the power load is less than 70% of the rated current of the power inverter. 
Use the inverter in the ventilated environment to maintain its function.
High efficiency power converting
Protect the car battery life
Automatic Warning when the DC input is lower than 10.6V
Automatic Shut-off when the power lower than 10.0V
Self overload protection
Self-high temperature protection
LED Indicator for low DC input
Self-protection against overloading (needs to be restarted manually)
Input Current :11-15V DC
Output Current: 220V AC
Frequency Output: 50Hz
USB: DC 5V 2.1 Max
Continuous Power Output: 200W
Peak Power Output: 400W
Current without load: 450mA
Conversion Efficiency: 90%