Car Rear View Camera with 8 LED

450,000 تومان
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Analog 170° car rear view camera with 8 LEDs for viewing in dark places
Car rear view camera with 170 degree image coverage and night vision capability with 8 LED lamps installed on the camera can be installed on a variety of monitors and TVs inside the car to view the rear of the car when parking
Rear view cameras help you monitor and operate more easily when parking your car so you can be aware of obstacles and even what is going on behind your car.
If you do not have a rear view while parking a car and you always have problems, and even car park radars can not help you due to the lack of a complete and excellent coverage range, this device introduced by Sib7 is similar to the third eye even in the dark nights.
You can easily install the rear and front air of the car while parking by installing this camera on the video monitor in your direct viewing angle.
Of course, you can install this camera wherever you want and use it with any system, but in general, this camera is known as a rear-view camera or car park camera, but some people even use it as a security camera and some people use it as a peephole camera.
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