24V Automatic 3 stage Intelligent Car Battery Charger

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fully automatic 24 Volt Battery charger. 

Automatic 3 stage charge , LED indicates different charge status. 

An external temperature sensor is optional, if it is installed, it will adjust the bulk and float charge voltage according to the temperature of the battery type.



Automatic 3 stage charge : constant current, constant voltage, floating charge

Automatic Temperature Compensation

LED indicators for different charge status

Fully protection : short circuit , over charge , over heat, reverse polarity protection

Strong & stylish : designed by reliable high frequency technology with smaller size

Compact & Reliable: designed by stylish aluminum case with better cooling efficiency

ON/OFF switch control the charger by hand.



Use: Standard Battery

Input voltage: AC220V(190-265V)

Output voltage: DC24V

Max. charge current: 10A or 15A or 20A

Protection functions: Reverse Polarity, Short-circuit, Over current protection, Over heat

Charging way: Automatic 3 stage


LED indicator: 3 LED indicator for different charge status

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