20A Digital Display 12V or 24V Automatic Smart Car Battery Charger

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lead acid digital battery charger 20a model

Controls battery to avoid rise of body temp and build up of gassing 

Cable length ac cord 3.9f ,dc cable charger cable clip 1.2ft 

This charger is automatically sets to float voltage to maintain full charge that ensures long battery life


Three-phase charging mode

Constant current mode: When the voltage of the battery is lower than the value set by the charger, the charger will work under the constant current mode and supply the constant current for the battery.

Constant voltage mode: Using the pulse width modulation(PWM) tech to control the charging current and output voltage of the charger which ensures the battery is fully charged and avoids over charging.

Floating charge mode: When the voltage of the battery is approaching the value of the constant voltage mode and the current will cut down to the given current gradually, that means the battery power is full, then the pilot lamp will turn green and the fan will stop working.

The charger will turn the mode into floating charge mode automatically.

At this moment, the battery can be stopped charging or keep on floating charge for half an hour.



Auto and fast charge select 

12V or 24V select manual switch

Max charging current: 20A

Rated input current: 220V

Digital New LED screen display control panel 

Reverse polarity protected 

Short circuit protected 

Auto control current based on temperature 

Temp active cooling fan 

220V AC input 60hz 

Adopt PWM charging mode, auto stop charging when the battery gets fully charged

Applicable for gel battery and lead-acid battery



Model: 20A

Input Voltage: 220V~230V

Output Voltage: 12V/24V

Rated Frequency: 47-63HZ

Charger Current: 10A

Charging mode: Three-phase

Dimensions: 225*145*80mm

N.W: 1.6KG

Packed Qty: 20 PCS

Certification: ISO,CTA,CE,RoHs


این شارژر هم واسه باتری 12 و هم واسه باتریهای 24 ولت قابل استفاده هست و خوبه
فقط باید حواستون باشه این شارژهارو برای باتری کامل خالی که اصلا هیچی انرژی نداره و چندماه خوابیده استفاده نکنید
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