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Soil pH Meter LUTRON PH-212

Soil pH Meter LUTRON PH-212


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Soil pH Meter with Hard Carry Case - Lutron PH-212

The Lutron PH-212 Soil pH Meter is the ideal instrument for measuring pH in soil.

Complete set including soil spear tip pH electrode

pH4 and pH7 Standard buffer solution Included

Spear Tip Probe is Ideal for measuring pH in Soil, Meats, Cheese

Technical Spec:

Meter Range: 0 To 14Ph

Resolution: 0:01 Ph


• + / - 0.2 Ph (Ph1 To Ph3.9, Ph10.1 To Ph13)

• + / - 0.1 Ph (Ph4 To Ph4.9, Ph9.1 To Ph10)

• + / - 0.07Ph (Ph5 To Ph9)

Sampling Time: Approx 0.4 Second

Weight And Dimensions: 220G. 180X40x32mm

Ph Range: 0 To 14Ph

Waterproof: No

Accuracy: See Spec

Resolution: 0:01 Ph

Automatic Temperature Compensation: Yes

Kits with pH METER, soil pH electrode, pH 4.0/pH 7.0 standard solution, carrying case.

Meter : 0 to 14 pH x 0.01 pH. Electrode : 1 to 13 pH.

Pocket housing, LCD display.

Meter size : 135 x 60 x 33 mm.

Spear tip pH electrode (included), ideal for penetration pH measurements into soil, meats, cheese and other type of measurements

requiring sample penetration.

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