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Home Party Stage Disco Mirror Ball

Home Party Stage Disco Mirror Ball


210,000 تومان

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Home Party Stage Disco Mirror Ball

Product Type :Ball & Globe 

Use: Wedding Decoration & Gift  & Christmas decoration 

Style: Romantic 

Technique: Decoration ball 

Material : Foam,Plastic,PVC+ Mirror  

Effect :Colorful Reflection 

size: 100mm,150mm,200mm,250mm,300mm,350mm, 400mm, 450mm,500mm, 550mm,600mm, 650mm,700mm, 750mm,800mm, 850mm,900mm, 950mm,1000mm


White mirror ball colorful mirror ball

2,4,6,8,10 12, 16,18 ,20,24,30,40,48inches,1.5meters

Diameter:2 inch               Weight: 0.05kg  

Diameter:4 inch               Weight: 0.24kg   

Diameter:6 inch               Weight: 0.54kg    

Diameter:8 inch               Weight: 0.90kg    

Diameter:10 inch             Weight: 1.40kg    

Diameter:12 inch             Weight: 2.30kg    

Diameter:16 inch             Weight: 3.20kg   

Diameter:18 inch             Weight: 4.40kg    

Diameter:20 inch             Weight: 4.70kg  

Diameter:24 inch             Weight: 7.20kg    

Diameter:30 inch(75cm)   Weight: 10.10kg 

Diameter:40 inch(100cm) Weight: 20.10kg

Diameter:48 inch(120cm) Weight: 31.50kg  

Diameter 1.5 meter           Weight:   50kg

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